Counselor-in-Training Program

Our JCAMPjr CIT (Counselor-In-Training) program is perfect for teens looking to dive head-first into an action packed summer of fun, learning and personal growth.  CITs will embark on a transformative journey of learning, growth and maturation as they take the next step on the path towards becoming a camp counselor. 

The CIT programs will challenge our teens to learn, grow, and develop new skills, while they forge new friendships and bonds and discover just how amazing they can be.  It is sure to be a fun and magical journey they will remember for a lifetime.

In addition to the invaluable personal growth that the CIT experience is sure to inspire, teens will also gain valuable work experience preparing them for paid employment in the near future, as well as receive credit for their work experience programs at school.


Teens entering 6th grade and up in the Fall can volunteer 3-5 days a week (9am-1pm) at JCAMPjr, our on-site Preschool Camp. CITs will work with 2– to 5- year-olds, helping to facilitate activities while earning community service hours.

All CITs will participate in training sessions designed to help you:

            Develop Your Skills as a Leader

            Learn Age-Group Characteristics

            Practice Activity-Planning and Decision-Making

            Understand Conflict Resolution skills


At the end of the camp session letters will also be provided for those who need documentation of their service hours.


Candidates wishing to join our CIT program must complete and submit our online application.