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Edana Appel - Director of Camp and Family Programs

Edana Appel is a Jewish professional, born and raised in El Paso, TX, with an innate love for camping, Israel and informal Jewish education.  She holds an MBA in Non-Profit Management and an MA  in Jewish Professional Leadership from Brandeis’ Heller/Hornstein program. During her time as a sleep away and day camp administrator she has taken part in several fellowships: FJC’s Cornerstone    Fellowship ’05, Merrin Teen Professional Fellowship, Yitro Fellowship for Assistant and Associate Camp Directors, Chizuk Fellowship for Jewish Educators, and currently she is participating in the Upstart Fellowship for Intrapreneurs. Her passion for camping stems from attending Camp Shamayim as a young kid (El Paso JCC's former day camp) and sleep away camp with Young Judaea from 1994 to 2000.

She takes the joy of those experiences and the knowledge she’s gained throughout her education and fellowships and translates them into Westside JCC programming today!






Dan Chomstein - Assistant Director of Camp and Family Programs

Dan Chomstein was born and raised in Mexico City and possesses  an incredible passion for working with children and the Jewish community.  He graduated from Anahuac University in Mexico City with a Sports Management major. He spent the past 5 summers at 3 different overnight summer camps in the United States where he advanced from general counselor to supervisor and learned a lot about the different Jewish communities across America.  His experience working with Jewish youth began at age 16 in the Mexican Israeli Scouts where he started as a counselor and completed his time as the head of the organization.  His time working with the Scouts taught him how to integrate Jewish values into everyday life.

Ha cannot wait to share everything he has learned with the JCamp family during his first summer with us!





JCamp Staff

JCamp Staff are chosen for their unique talents and commitment to building community and creating environments where campers can thrive.  Each staff member plays an important role in making camp happen from greeting campers as they arrive, tending to skinned knees, teaching new games, sharing in their joy of trying something new and finding a last item at the end of the day.  Our staff is comprised of individuals from all over the US and Israel representing a wide variety of backgrounds, talents and interests with a common theme of wanting to be part of the JCamp Family!