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 JCC Early Childhood & Family Education Philosophy Statement

The Westside JCC Preschool recognizes the significant role it can play in establishing a framework through which Jewish experiences can be integrated into an enriching, child centered, play and art based preschool curriculum. We believe children are natural learners, soaking up the world around them like sponges. We share the image of children as being creative, resourceful, powerful and capable human beings. Our learning environment invites their curiosity and the excitement of discovery in the areas of: art, science, math, dramatic play, large and small motor activities, enhanced language development and music. We encourage children to explore, touch and experience the world around them. 

We Follow Children Not Just Plans

Our curriculum is hidden within a fun atmosphere of play. Children learn by playing. 

Our goals for children are to learn meaningful skills that will help them throughout life:

  • Growing up with friendships
  • Respecting and finding beauty in all people
  • Respecting all living creatures that we share our Earth with
  • Learning the importance of the daily routines of eating healthy, cleaning up as a team and caring for themselves and the environment

Children will be encouraged to truly explore their world – to be allowed to get really dirty, to ask questions and more questions, which we together will find the answers to in books. Children are abundantly creative and we can foster that creativity by listening to their colorful stories of places and things imagined. We provide children the freedom to express themselves to their hearts’ content.

The Process is the Learning

You won’t see perfect crafts or any emphasis on the finished product. Learning happens during the struggle, frustration and truly delightful discoveries throughout the day.

Each Child is Unique

We place an emphasis on the whole child and respect that all children learn in different ways. Our integrated approach pays attention to the young child’s physical skill development, self-expression, socialization, coping strategies, cognitive learning, as well as his or her emotional adjustment and well-being.

Transmitting Jewish Values, Traditions and Celebrations

Our JCC door is open to Jewish people of any affiliation and we welcome the entire community.  Through our Jewish-life-centered curriculum, children develop a strong, positive identification with his or her heritage, religion and people.  Jewish values are joyfully transmitted through practicing tzedakah, (giving to those in need), Jewish practice, learning about Israel, taking care of our environment, and respecting all people while valuing the differences among them.



Please join us for a tour where you will meet with the director and current preschool parents, visit the classrooms/outdoor play areas and see the children experiencing a typical day.

Email Lauren Friedman or call 323.556.5202 to RSVP.

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