Our Parents



Parent Network

The mission of the Parent Network is to promote community, family and fun. The parent network is divided into 4 committees: Connect better, do better, feel better and look better – there is something for everyone. Opportunities range from being a room parent, to grant writing to organizing a night on the town for parents. At Westside JCC excellence is directly related to parent involvement.  We value your involvement and there is no shortage of opportunities to volunteer here at Westside JCC. 



The program is comprehensive and stimulating; the people at the preschool are very warm and inviting.

          ~ WJCC Preschool parent

Our son absolutely loved his time at the WJCC preschool - maybe almost as much as we did!  What separates this school from others is the community that is found among the families here.  We all have made quality, loving friendships that we are certain will last long after we move on.  And we were all well prepared (our son as well as us) to make a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

          ~ WJCC Preschool parent

It has been a transforming experience for my husband and me, as well as our two boys. I’m proud to be an ECE parent.

          ~ WJCC Preschool parent