Partner Programs


Israeli Scouts

Shevet Harel  - meets Sundays at WJCC



Creative Learning Place

A Homeschool program at Westside JCC.

Sample Classes Include:

            Marine Biology (3rd-6th grade & 6th-12th grade)

            US and World Geography (3rd-6th grade)

            World Geography (6th-12th grade)

            Story, Play, Music & Song (K-2nd grade)

            The Butterfly Effect: Environmental Education in Action (6th-9th grade)

            Elementary Writing (3rd-5th grade, or younger with experience)

            Middle School + 9th Grade English (6th-9th grade)

  Public Speaking for Kids (3rd-6th grade) 

            Spanish 2 (5th-9th grade)

            Spanish 1 (K-4th grade)

            Parent & Me Spanish

            Recorder Club (K-4th grade)

            Recorder Club Level 2 (1st-8th grade)

            Art and Nature Photography (K-6th grade)

            Storytelling: Animals Tales as Teachers (K-5th grade)


Creative Learning Place at WJCC has been accepted as a vendor for:

            Sky Mountain Charter School

            Golden Valley Charter School

            Gorman Learning Center


Visit  or for enrollment information.