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 STEM Camps

Crazy Chem Works  ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 8) 

Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a junior chemist! Campers learn to swirl, pour and mix like a scientist! Chill down and heat up the atomic label as you change liquid to solid and back again. Learn how to handle laboratory tools, build and break molecules, and pick up some tricks on chemical changes with solids, liquids, and gases. Hop on board the chemistry express this summer for a high-speed science experience!

NASA Space Academy  ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 4) 

Join our Academy of Future Space Explorers and take to the Moon, Mars, Stars…and Beyond! We’ll study stunning Space Phenomena while we unlock the mysteries of meteors. Learn about Living in Space by working on a model space station just like a real astronaut! And how could we study space without learning the secrets of Space Travel and Rocket Science? This program is literally out of this world!

Dinosaur  ▷ Grades K-1 (Week 3)

We are now offering a Dinosaur Camp, perfect for children that are into dinosaurs and/or archaeology. We will take a journey through the Triassic, Cretaceous, and Jurassic periods, taking a look at the dinosaurs that lived in each, making lots of dinosaur crafts, playing fun dinosaur games, and doing just a little bit of digging for fossils.

Robotics  ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 5)

This week-long camp will teach campers the fundamental concepts of robotics, as they make basic robots to perform a variety of functions. This camp is in line with the STEAM teaching, and the lessons we teach in Robotics camp will give your child a head –start toward not only being successful in any future technology-based classes,  but also help them build a love for science and technology that could guide them into what could later become a promising career in the ever-expanding and infinitely marketable tech industry.

Mission: Code ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 9)

Mission: Code is a unique summer camp experience that allows kids to learn essential coding skills while also engaging in active games and hands-on learning.  Kids will develop computational thinking and problem solving skills in an online game environment where you give a robot a set of instructions to follow in order to solve the level.  Each coding session provides kids with a fundamental skill set including algorithms, functions, relative directions and sequences. The combination of online activities paired with engaging offline activities like scavenger hunts, code-cracking mysteries and team robotics challenges that keep kids active and reinforce coding skills is a winning formula for fun in the summer!

Fort Building ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 6)

Have a blast and learn how to construct a variety of makeshift forts. Our Fort Building Camp lets kids use their creativity and problem-solving skills, as they work in teams to build forts to survive the environment of the day. In addition, campers are instructed on various types of knots and other building techniques to increase their odds of success in the environment challenges. And who knows, they may just be able to help you the next time you have trouble setting up a tent.

Bubbles and Balloons ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 4)

Does your child love bubbles and balloons? If so, how about a week-long camp dedicated to both?! Campers will enjoy a wide variety of bubble and balloon activities, including but not limited to balloon animals and to her balloon art, rocket balloons, balloon musical instruments, bubbles of all sizes, touchable bubbles, bubble balloons, water balloons, making their own bubble wands, and much more!

LEGO Bash'em Bots ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 8)

Conquer challenging obstacles, battle against fellow bots, and take on Instructors colossal creations in the Battle Arena. Customize your chassis to become a Minerbot, a Juggernaut, or an Iron Elephant using tens of thousands of LEGO parts. Apply real-world engineering and physics concepts to help you bash and crash your way to victory.

LEGO Mine, Craft, Build Adventure Game ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 7)

Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO® materials! Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building adventure game; roll the dice to mine for resources, and use these resources to build special items to help in our adventures! Build a Zoo, create a Medieval Castle, and design a Tree House Village! This experience is an original game designed by Play-Well instructors inspired by the popular game, Minecraft. Students will have a blast, even without any prior experience with Minecraft or LEGO® materials.

LEGO Jedi Engineering ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 9)

The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects using LEGO® materials such as X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!

LEGO Ninjaneering ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 10)

Enter the world of Ninjago and become an apprentice Ninjaneer with tens of thousands of LEGO parts! Learn the way of Spinjitzu, ride your Elemental Dragon, and face the Great Devourer! Imagine and build unique and fun projects with the guidance by experienced Play-Well instructors while exploring the fantasy world of Ninjago.

LEGO Robotics ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 1)

Build and program robots in this introductory Robotics class using the LEGO WeDo system. Learn basic programming skills, simple engineering concepts, and the names of robot components. Work in small groups to complete several projects using tilt and motion sensors. This is a great way to prepare young Robotics enthusiasts for our more advanced Robotics programs.

LEGO FUNdamenetals of Engineering ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 5)

Ratchet up your imagination with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Chess: Welcome to the Game of Kings and Queens  ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 2) ▷  

The old saying goes, “Chess is the game of Kings (and Queens)” and in this camp we’ll find out why. Campers will learn to live by the qualities of a noble king or queen: Perseverance, Nobility, Kindness, Benevolence, responsibility, problem solving, confidence, sportsmanship, planning, patience, social skills, critical thinking, imagination, and more. We’ll start at the beginning and discover all the different characters (pieces) of chess and background information about who they are and where they come from. Then it’s onto how they move on the board and the rest of the dynamic rules of this ancient game of kings. Chess isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life!


Intro to Spanish  ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 5)/ Grades 3-8 (Week 7)

In Intro to Spanish, your child will learn some of the basics of speaking and understanding the Spanish language. This camp can be a great first step for a child who wants to be able to understand Spanish, and can give your child an advantage if they choose to take Spanish classes in the future.

Secret Agent Lab  ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 6)

James Bond? Sherlock Holmes? Austin Powers? Do you think you have what it takes to discover “Who done it?” If so, this camp is for you. Use the Secret Code Breaker to communicate in code like your favorite spy. Connect the dots to help solve a crime in a hands-on investigation. Learn how to decode messages and check out spy equipment and even create your own edible message! You’ll be an expert crime stopper by the time the week is through!





Sports Camps


Sports Mania! ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 3 & 7)/ Grades 3-5 (Week 4, 8, & 10)

Sports, sports and more sports! Sports Mania is the best opportunity for any camper to have a great time while building skills that are relevant to all sports!  Play games, build flexibility and grow as an athlete while you move through all of your usual sports like soccer, basketball, football and some new ones like Nine Square, GaGa and more!

Basketball  Grades 3-5 (Week 6 & 9)

Join us as we learn the fundamentals, while also mastering skills such as dribbling, balance, footwork, passing, shooting, and overall endurance! Play games, makes teams and have an overall blast while you strengthen your skills and grow as an athlete.

Martial Arts: Respectful Tiger ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 1 & 8) 

Known for its immense strength, the tiger is seen as a danger in the animal kingdom. However, to its kin, the tiger is revered for carrying an amazing amount of RESPECT. In order to earn your ORANGE headband, you must learn to show respect to your fellow friends, from sunrise to sunset. Young Ninjas is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental martial arts elements, like blocks, kicks, strikes, and the all important KI-YAH! Through skill training, fun games, creative challenges, and Pad work on foam targets, children develop self-confidence and learn to enjoy being physically active in a non-contact setting. KI-YAH!

Martial Arts: Focused Snake▷ Grades K-2 (Week 2 & 9) 

The snake is one of the most feared creatures in nature. However, while stories of the snake’s sneaky ability to slither and slide around with incredible precision, the snake is known for being FOCUSED. In order to earn your GREEN headband, you must learn to grow by focusing, and making thoughtful, tactful decisions before acting. Young Ninjas is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental martial arts elements, like blocks, kicks, strikes, and the all important KI-YAH! Through skill training, fun games, creative challenges, and Pad work on foam targets, children develop self-confidence and learn to enjoy being physically active in a non- contact setting. KI-YAH!

Aqua Explorers: Beginner ▷ Grades K-2  (Week 4)

Swimming is a lifelong skill that offers countless benefits. The Aqua Explorer Mission is to stimulate children’s love for water… while having a ton of fun! The Beginner level is designed to empower children to be watersafe and practice the fundamentals of life in water. Swimmers in this level will take daily swim lessons, play fun skill-appropriate water games and learn the basics of what it means to be a confident Aqua Explorer. Prerequisites: For SRA “Floaters” to” Rollers (level 2/ Orange Caps to level 4/Blue caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be comfortable in the water and have a basic ability to listen in a group setting. *

Aqua Explorers: Intermediate ▷ Grades K-2  (Week 5 & 6) 

The Intermediate Aqua Explorer level is designed for those wanting more advanced lessons and water activities. Children in this level will take daily swim lessons geared more towards stroke development, play fun skill-appropriate water games and practice intermediate level water safety skills. Intermediate Aqua Explorers will learn the basics of what it means to be a confident Aqua Explorer.  Prerequisites: For SRA “Rollers” (level 4/ Blue Caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be close to being water-safe/ independent swimmers.*

Aqua Explorers: Advanced  Grades 3-5 (Week 3, Week 7)

Does your child love the water!? The Advanced level will hone their skills and practice more advanced stroke development and water skills. The goal in this level (besides fun) is to truly explore what it means to be a Waterman or Waterwoman. These Aqua Explorers will practice our fundamental Pillars of Safety, Support and Strength in water. Daily activities include more advanced water games, sports and activities.

Prerequisites: For SRA “Freestylers” (level 6/ Bronze Caps) and above. Swimmers in this level must be water-safe and able to swim independent of adults.*



*Note: all SRA instructors are American Red Cross Certified Life Guards.




Performing Arts Camps


Rock Band ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 2 & 9)  ▷ Grades 3-5 (Week 3 & 10)

Join the Band! All campers will have a chance to learn the basics of music and experience the opportunity to play various instruments including Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, Drums, Percussion, and Ukulele. Campers will come together to form a band and put on a rocking performance at the end of the week that we are sure will lead to some rock stars of the future!

Theatre: Annie ▷ Grades K-8 (Week 5, Week 6)  

With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone’s hearts despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. Annie is determined to find the parents who abandoned her years ago on the doorstep of an orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan. With plenty of parts to go around, including featured roles as well as ensemble parts for orphans, servants and tourists, Annie Jr. is ideal for productions involving different grade levels. (The Theatre program is a two week commitment).

Theatre: Twisted Fairy Tales▷ Grades K-88 (Week 7, Week 8)

Let your imagination run wild as we take a number of classic children’s stories and create a mash up that only JCamp could do!  We will combine stories, music, dance and all of our favorite classic characters to create an original play unlike anything that has been seen before! (The Theatre program is a two week committment.)

Magic▷ Grades K-2 (Week 1)/ ▷ Grades 3-8  (Week 4) 

Abra kadabra! One of our longest running and most popular camps, Magic camp offers campers the ability to get a plethora of different magic tricks, and learn how to use each and every one to put on a spectacular show! In addition to these many tricks, we will also be building their magical wardrobe with a variety of magical crafts, and having lots of fun magical games to test their knowledge and skill as magicians-to-be and as campers who just want to have a lot of fun!

Magic 2.0▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 5) 

If you have already been in one of our magic camps, and want a bit more of a challenge, then get ready for round 2! Our new, more advanced variety of tricks are as amazing as they are hard to master, so if you are up for the challenge and want to be an even more amazing magician, then come join us at our Advanced Magic camp!

Youtube ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 2)

Learn the basics of video making, editing, and posting to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo at our YouTube Video camp! Through the course of this camp, campers will learn how to shoot lots of different types of videos, ranging from sports videos to video tutorials to short skits and many things in between. We will also be looking at the aspects that go on behind the scenes of a successful video project, such as story boarding, scene blocking and prop design for the skits, how to break projects down step –by-step in online tutorials, as well as things such as volume control and aspects of movement that are universally applicable in performance and presentation of any kind. This camp is a great self-esteem booster, teaches your child the skills associated with performing or presenting  in front of people, and is a whole lot of fun!

Circus Camp ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 3) ▷ Grades 3-8  (Week 2)

You don't have to run away to join the circus! Learn how to juggle, spin a plate, and balance a feather. Walk on stilts, play a variety of games and try something new. Working together is a fantastic way to build confidence, be creative and learn teamwork skills, Come join the circus!

Dance ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 4 & 10) ▷ Grades 3-8  (Week 1 & 9)

Dance your heart out with us while we learn basic movement, creativity, choreography and performance skills. Stretch, play fun dance games and learn routines that incorporate new moves, the basic skills of musicality and creativity.  Have a blast dancing to upbeat music with a focus on hip hop and jazz that will include skills such as turns, jumps, kicks and more! Don’t forget the amazing final performance for the whole community at the end of the week!


Visual Arts Camps


Sewing ▷  Grades 2-5 (Week 3)

Perfect for campers who are creative, imaginative, patient, and would prefer learning a new skill. In this camp, campers will learn the skill of sewing, and will gain experience in a variety of sewing’s applications, such as knitting, crocheting,  combining fabric to make an item of clothing or an accessory, sewing on buttons or other non-fabric attachments, embroidering, and much more!

Ceramics ▷ Grades K-2  (Week 2) ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 6)

For campers who love to make beautiful art but also love getting their hands dirty- ceramics is the way to go! Campers will learn clay molding skills and have the opportunity to express themselves through many variations of 3D art.

Jewelry Making ▷ Grades K-2  (Week 1) ▷ Grades 3-8 (Week 8) 

Calling all creative, patient and meticulous campers!  Join jewelry making camp and learn how to craft lots of different types of jewelry and other accessories to show off your style and express your creativity!

Art Lab ▷ Grades K-2  (Week 7)

Join Art Explorers for our brand new Art Lab class! Students will enjoy exploring new techniques and strengthen existing ones. We will work with mediums such as printmaking, paint, mixed media, drawing and more. This interactive class allows students to delve into their personal interests whether it is abstraction, animals, comic books, portraiture, etc. There are no limits when it comes to art. Students will feel empowered to create beautiful works of art!  

Carpentry ▷ Grades 3-8  (Week 7) 

Campers will learn how to use basic tools and make items that they can take home each day like book ends, tool boxes, bird houses and more.  Campers will build their skills and knowledge about tools, how to use them and the art of using wood to create art and household items.

Kawaii Art ▷ Grades K-2  (Week 8)

Originating from the Japanese word for "cute" this popular art form has quite the following. They are known for their adorable eyes, charming facial expressions, and imaginative characters. In this class we will learn how to turn anything into something kawaii while improving on drawing techniques. Students will work in sketchbooks each week and will also create individual works of art. In the world of Kawaii Art the limits are endless! 

Fashion Accessories and All Things Fabulous! ▷ Grades 3-8  (Week 8)

Do you find jewelry and accessories fascinating and always think “I could make that!” Well in this class you can! We will look at fashion, from classic style to on-trend, the limits are endless. Students will learn some jewelry making techniques, create wearable works of art, and have so much fun in the process! This class helps students turn their ideas into tangible creations with wonderful projects designed to invigorate their imaginations!




Cooking Camps


Cooking Around the World ▷ Grades K-2 (Week 5) 

Join us for a food adventure while we learn the basic skills of cooking through making food from around the world.  Your tongue will visit places like Asia, Latina America, Italy and more all while learning healthy habits!

Cooking with Stories▷ Grades K-2 (Week 6) 

Have you ever wondered, what if I could eat the food in my favorite story book?  If so, this is a specialty for you.  Learn great recipes inspired by classic stories like Strega Nona, Old Mother Hubbard and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Cooking for Summer▷ Grades K-2 (Week 7) 

Summer time is a great chance to try new foods and enjoy time in the kitchen.  This specialty will take campers through all of the classic summer camp favorites including Tomato soup, grilled cheese, mac and cheese and more!


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