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Community/Kehillah/קהילה: Building meaningful relationships creates stronger individuals, lifelong friendships, and an ongoing sense of belonging.

Joy/Rinah/רינה: We take seriously the mitzvah (commandment) of increasing joy in life. We aim to bring joy to ourselves, our community, and everyone in our lives.

Creativity/Yetzirah/יצירה: We construct a safe space for exploring, challenging ourselves and cultivating our talents.

Respect/Kavod/כבוד: Designing a space where everyone can be themselves by treating everyone with kindness and compassion.

Growth/Gedilah/גדילה: Learning through experience builds confidence in our abilities and teaches us that growing up is truly about discovering our highest potential.


A Day in the Life at JCamp


We all know how important it is to find a safe, nurturing environment for our children in which they can thrive emotionally, intellectually and physically. In a city as sprawling as Los Angeles, it can be hard to find a camp that can offer all that while still offering an experience personalized enough that each and every counselor knows your child by name on day one. JCamp does. It’s why families come back to JCamp year after year, why younger siblings wear wide smiles on their first day, when they finally get to join their big brothers and sisters in all the fun. It’s a place where lifelong friendships are built and personal limitations are broken down. JCamp is, of course, a day camp. But beyond that, it is a community. A community that cares deeply about each and every one of its members. Engage with our sample interactive daily schedule below to learn more.  


We know all families have their own morning schedule and may need added flexibility when it comes to drop-off. Starting at 7:30, our amazing Early Care staff will be on the patio ready to welcome campers for the best day of camp ever (every day at camp is the best day at camp). As the stereo plays JCamp’s very own, meticulously curated playlist, campers will have their choice of activities ranging from making lanyards to breaking out the oversized Connect Four to a game of wallball (Never heard of wallball? Don’t worry. By the end of the first day, your child will be able to tell you all about it).
Car line opens up at 8:45. Or, if you prefer, you’re always welcome to park in the JCC lot and walk your child in. It’s a hive of activity as the campers file in. The patio is an evolving rainbow of creation as the artistically minded have a 1,000 square foot canvas for their chalk art. There are foursquare games, kids playing scoop ball, impromptu dance parties and ample sitting space for old friends to catch up and new friends to be made.
At JCamp we start our day together with Morning Circle. It’s an important camp ritual. Campers may have had a bad morning for any number of reasons, but Morning Circle is the opportunity to come together as a community and make sure everyone is ready and eager for the best day of camp ever (Did we mention that every day at camp is the best day at camp?). We dance JCamp dances and sing JCamp songs and we finish each Morning Circle with the JCamp pledge. With the final words: “THE BEST DAY EVER” the campers are ready to begin their day in earnest.  
What does your child love to do? If the answer is building, we’ve got LEGO Engineering. Music? We’ve got Rock Band. Sports? We’ve got Soccer, Basketball, Ninja Warrior. Making an unholy mess that forever stained the kitchen wall? Well… what kind of mess? Science experiment gone wrong? We’ve got Crazy Chem Lab. Art project gone awry? Try Art Lab. An attempted culinary masterpiece? We’ve got cooking classes too.

Every week campers register for a specialty that will provide an in-depth experience in each topic taught by a highly trained instructor representing one of our many amazing partners.

Three hours can be a long time for a camper to keep focused on one activity so each day at 10:30 we provide each child with an individually packaged, kosher, peanut free snack. We can accomodate any dietary restrictions as well.
The whole camp community reconvenes each day for lunch in the Auditorium. Campers can sit with anyone they like and enjoy their lunch. As they finish campers are encouraged to engage in Free play in the room which can include art projects, dramatic play, puzzles and more.

Every lunch concludes with a Song session. Like Morning Circle, this is an opportunity for our community to come together as one, cement our bonds of friendship and, well… sing, and dance and act a little bit crazy. Correction: A lot crazy.
For one hour every day, the swimming pool at the Westside JCC is transformed into a palace of childlike exhuberation which we like to call: Free Swim. Closely monitored by the counselors – all of whom are in the pool with the kids – as well as the lifeguards on staff, campers have the run of the 100,000 gallon saline pool, always heated to a refreshing 85 degrees.

Campers who wish to swim in the deep end must pass a swim test at the beginning of each week. Otherwise, the shallow end (3 feet) will be where your camper will be.

Note: Hoping for a swimming experience for your camper that is more instructional? Don’t fret. Our Aqua Explorers Specialty Camp has sessions available for every age and ability level.

Another note: Campers who participate in Aqua Explorers as a specialty will not swim during the Free Swim. Instead, they will receive an additional Activity Rotation.
Activity Rotations are an opportunity for campers to experience a wide range of activities in a more intimate setting with only those children who are in their age group. These activities include: Music, Dance, Israeli Culture, Sports, Krav Maga, Art and more. This time period is also used for other activities like Open Choice Activities, Color War, Special Guest Shows and more. This is also the timing of our end of the week Community Shabbat Celebration, held each Friday in the Auditorium.
We close every day as a whole camp, just like we opened. One more chance to come together as a community. We share any reminders for the coming day and close with a song. Just like always, it was the best day ever at camp.
Any campers who need to stay after 3:15pm can participate in our After Care program. Campers will have the chance to play on the playground, have an additional snack and hang out in our fully stocked Game Room. Campers are encouraged to take some time to relax at the end of the day, get creative and unwind with their friends.




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