WJCC Stories - Stella Goren

Posted by: WJCC on Monday, October 6, 2014

Stella was a go getter at a very young age. She enlisted in the Marine Corps as a service member during WWII. Later on in life when she retired it was only natural that she wanted to stay active and get involved in the community. Stella attended an Isreali Dance class offered at Westside Jewish Community Center and fell in love with the Center. She soon found herself spending almost every week day at the JCC participating in dance, sculpture and painting classes. She reflected that Westside JCC ‘provided me with things that I love to do’.

Over time Stella’s involvement with the Center changed when the JCC’s in Los Angeles were facing financial hardship and were under threat to close down. Stella took an active role writing letters and participating in rallies to help save Westside JCC. Thanks in part to the efforts of Stella and her contemporaries the Center is thriving today. In recent years, Stella has participated in a variety of health and wellness classes at the Center. She celebrated her 90th Birthday at Westside JCC. Today, when you sit in Stella’s house, you are surrounded by impressive paintings and sculptures that she created at Westside JCC. Stella believes that Westside JCC is important because it is a ‘place that can make connections’. Westside JCC is grateful for our connection with Stella.



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