WJCC Stories - Steve Wallock

Posted by: WJCC on Thursday, May 29, 2014

As a child Steve Wallock grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, attending programs at his local JCC. Steve eventually moved to Los Angeles and was introduced to Westside JCC through work.  As a construction consultant, he was working on a project to repair water damage that happened at the JCC.  For Steve getting to work on the project, “rekindled my connection physically, mentally, and emotionally with having a JCC.”  He started meeting people in the community who said “Oh, I used to play basketball there all the time I used to swim there all the time.”


When it came time to enroll his daughter in a preschool there was no other choice for his family than Westside JCC. “It just felt like home and my daughter enjoyed all four of her years at preschool. Steve’s daughter went on to take swimming lessons and attend the Center’s summer camp.  Even to this day, his daughter still has a relationship with her teachers from preschool. 


Steve says, “It’s really wonderful to see how important this place is, this institution and the people are to the community. Westside JCC is really the crossroads of the Jewish community here.  You see people walking around with kippot and tzitzit and hear Israelis speaking Hebrew, see kids from West LA, all over the city, the Valley, it’s really quite amazing and how important it is – is the physical community because you see ethnicities from all types and hear languages of all types and you know the community is really using the facility. We’re a nice community center and we really are a definition of a community center.”  Steve now serves on Westside JCC’s Board of Directors and continues to play an active role in Center life.




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