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Posted by: WJCC on Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Haleila is the creative graphic designer responsible for Westside Jewish Community Center’s current branding.  Her connection to the Center started long before her Westside JCC logo design was prominently displayed on all of our marketing materials.  As a teenager, she entered Westside JCC for the first time as a member of HaShomer HaTzair.  She attended their annual Seder which was the largest community social event of the year for the HaShomer youth movement. Participants performed songs and choreographed Israeli folk dances in the Center’s auditorium. Rehearsals were part of the group’s weekly activities, in addition to group conversations about politics, history and philosophy.




Years later Haleila would attend Israeli Folk dance sessions at the Center on Saturday nights. These were big gatherings where the community came together to celebrate Israeli culture and life. Haleila shared that, ‘the Center is ideal, it brings Jews and the broader community together without a religious pretext, and always puts people first.’ Her children attended the Center’s summer day camp ‘Camp Chai’ for six years.   Haleila was happy that at camp her children could experience diversity and explore their Jewish identity through a cultural lens.  Haleila looks forward to remaining involved and wants to see the Center continue to grow.  To her, ‘Westside JCC is an anchor for the entire community.  Whether I am there or not, I feel good knowing that it’s there.  There is no other organization in the community like the JCC.’     


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