Swim Lessons


SwimRight Academy Championed by Lenny Krayzelburg                                                                                                                                                  

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The SwimRight Academy offers swim instruction to children and adults of all ages using Lenny Krayzelburg's own SwimRight® Method. Call now to reserve your space in class. Swimming is a gift for life!                                          

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Classes Offered:  

  • Privates     
  • Groups  
  • Parent Tot  
  • Stroke Advance
  • Adults



One student per instructor. This type of lesson is necessary for infants and students under  the age of three who are not water safe and who require 100% supervision. It is also recommended for older students with extreme anxiety about the water or behavior that is non conducive to group lessons, once the anxiety or behavior is overcome, the older student can fit happily into a group lesson.



Up to 4 students per instructor. For children three years and older, of any grade level, who can follow direction and work effectively in a class situation. For most students this is the ideal lesson structure. We make every attempt to group students of comparable ability, as well as maturity and compatibility together.



Up to 8 parent/tot couples per instructor. This class is ideal for the parent who would like to take an active roll, and more relaxed approach to the teaching process. Working as a group and individually, the class uses songs and simple drills to acclimate the child to the aquatic environment and begins teaching the back float survival skills. This class is for children under 2 years old.

PT Evaluation Class

This class is for all new people coming into the PT program.  It will help to ease the transition of new students coming into existing classes.  The teacher is focusing on explanations of our method and everything that is done in the PT classes.  The explanations also help to inform the parents why we do each song/drill/game and teaching the parent how to correctly teach their children to swim.

Beginner PT

This class is an introductory course to the SwimRight Method.  It is designed for the parents that want to spend time with their child while teaching the basics of swimming and safety through songs and games.  This class offers an 8 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Advanced PT

For the parents that are ready to push their child in the progression of the SwimRight Method.  This class offers a 6 to 1 student/teacher ratio and is designed to allow the child to swim more independently while in the structure of the PT curriculum.



Up to 6 students per instructor/coach who maybe in the water but most likely at this level on deck. For the ambitious student from age 5 through 15, who can swim 25 yards with effective flutter kick, on both their front and back. This curriculum provides a transition between swim lessons with an instructor in the water, and pre-swim team orientation where the coach is on deck. Graduates from this program usually are able to swim all four strokes and confidently move on to joining a swim team.



These lessons are for adults who have fear of the water, or just for people that want to polish up on their strokes to be more efficient lap swimmers.